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  • Ocey Phillips is an aspiring CEO and CTO with a deep understanding of the levers of revenue growth /Ep2282

Ocey Phillips

Ocey Phillips: I feel fortunate to be on a professional journey that actually pays me to do what I love. This journey is probably best summarized by stating that I:

I’m an aspiring CEO and CTO with a deep understanding of the levers of revenue growth, from picking up the phone to closing a deal, to full go to market strategies, to building amazing teams, I’ve seen it all, and I’m always pushing my teams to invent new ways to move the needle.

My experience as a Operations manager, Strategist, and executive, helps me collaborate with CIO’s and CTO’s of companies with software experience that need on-time, disciplined software development. I also give executives more flexibility by integrating architects, developers, business analysts and project managers with their existing teams–enabling faster software creation and advancing their tech initiatives.

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