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Nisla Love- 

Nisla Love is a vocal advocate for better relationships. She is passionate about spreading her message about building better relationships through effective communication to help individuals and businesses create a quality of life.

She is the founder and CEO of Choose Love Solutions, LLC, a personal development company helping individuals realize their full potential by becoming effective communicators.

As an Army Veteran with over 25 years of experience working with individuals with different cultures and background,

Nisla knows first hand that building relationships take mastering communication and maintaining an open mind to create an environment of trust.

Nisla is known as the relationships expect where she encourages and captivates individuals to find their best selves within and become better communicators. She is a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, who left one of the world’s melting pot and lived in 6 other states, two countries, and moved 14 times all within 20 years span that she learn to become a master of communication and build better relationships.


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