460: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Nico Brenner

Nico Brenner-

Nico Brenner is a Chilean tech entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is a big fan of positive reinforcement and building the habit of happiness. Nico also oversees Product development at Praiseworthy, a company dedicated to helping businesses improve through individual feedback from customers.

For the past 14 years, Nico has participated in more than a dozen tech startups either as a founder, early hire, angel investor, advisor or speaker.

In 2013, Nico and Misa Chien, former CEO of the NomNom food truck, realized they had the same problem. As a consumer, Nico felt there was no direct and easy way to tell companies about his experience with them. As a business owner, Misa felt the little feedback she was getting from her customers wasn’t specific or individualized enough to be useful.

With this pain in mind, they set out to build the easiest way possible for customers to give feedback directly to the people that they interacted with at a store, as well as the easiest way possible for business owners and employees to receive this feedback and act on it. They called it Praiseworthy.

Since launch, Praiseworthy has been a hit with business owners and their customers, quickly growing from being used at only 7 stores in 2014, to saving millions of customers at thousands of stores across 47 US states in 2016.

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