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Nick Bramley

Nick Bramley


Nick Bramley, Director of Impact and CEO at IMPACTUS Group is a UK based Sales Expert working internationally with ambitious, high growth and potential high growth businesses, sales teams and individuals to create game-changing results.

He has a direct, no-nonsense approach that cuts through the noise to help focus on the sales opportunity and the genuine potential for growth.  From creating a workable and effective sales strategy to delivering practical skills improvement, if a sales function needs a boost, Nick is the man to call.

His reputation is based upon 20 years plus of being a Business Director, as well as years of being in sales, running sales teams and directing sales activity across a number of key sectors.  

In short, if you can sell it, Nick can help you to sell more!

His focus is always on results – improving skills, confidence and performance today for long term, sustainable success and a competitive advantage, whatever the sector. 

Nick is in demand both nationally and internationally and has a deserved reputation as a persuasive orator, effective communicator and an added value Keynote Speaker, bringing humour, passion and enthusiasm to his audiences worldwide.  In 2019, he is already planning to work in 7 countries, with more opportunities in the pipeline.

As an Associate Lecturer at 6 leading University Business Schools in the UK, he brings an external, practical perspective to any number of Academic led business programmes. 

A knowledgeable, practical, innovative and hands-on Consultant and Training Provider, Nick is seen as a thought leader in the field of sales and business development.



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