Nathalie Biviano helps smart married mums fall back in love with their husbands.

1139:Nathalie Biviano helps smart married mums fall back in love with their husbands.


Nathalie Biviano

I help smart married mums fall back in love with their husbands.

This career was born out of my own experience in 2011 after my first baby. The rudest shock post baby: the evaporation of emotional intimacy between husband and I. I remember feeling alone, unappreciated and desperate to know where the guy who adored me went.

And that’s when I searched for ways to bullet proof my marriage. Read and Read. Listened and listened. Bought courses, listened to podcasts, borrowed books, attended workshops, became a master student of world experts in the game of love + marriage. After applying the material, I got that guy back. In about two weeks. (I am not kidding).

Now, I help other motivated mothers fast track their re-connection with their husbands via my international coaching business and keynote deliveries.

Team Women Australia invited me to share my mission on International Women’s Day, 2017:
I help married mothers live in remarkable marriages.
I believe when things are right in our marriage, WE’RE UNSTOPPABLE.
Our parenting is better, our businesses thrive, we’re generally happier people.
Happy people make better decisions and accomplish more.
They help more people.
And that’s the world I envision for our children.

The clients I work best with nod their head to these sentiments:
– the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives
– I reject the fallacy “we have kids now, of course things get stale, this is the way it goes”
– I choose We over Me, and I am responsible for my part in my marriage

How can you bring back focus and productivity from your team?
You can help them make things smooth at home.
I can help you, help them.

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