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Nasira Jamal on #12minconvos with Engel Jones

Nasira Jamal…

       Ms. Nasira Jamal has been working on building her consulting business her entire career. As a single parent and a low-income earner, she has brought herself out of a life of poverty to achieving well over 15 million dollars in sales volume over the last 10 years. She now runs a private practice helping her clients achieve massive success on a personal and professional level.


Nasira Jamal was born in a small village in Kampala, Uganda and migrated to Canada with her family when the Idi Amin regime ordered them out of their country. Nasira was the fourth of five children that her parents raised in Kitchener, Ontario. Though she was trained in early childhood education, her passion for entrepreneurship was fueled by her ambition and drive. She became an award-winning realtor by helping people realize their dreams of home ownership. Her quest to help others grew from here, and Nasira became certified in many different energy healing modalities. 


Nasira implemented the healing practices on herself and was able to document huge positive shifts in her own life. She is passionate to teach what she has learned to help others in all areas of their lives by working with realigning their own energy fields. Nasira’s passion is to empower others to not only find their own light but to help each person live a more enriched life that is full of abundance, passion and love.


Nasira was recently married to the love of her life and now lives in Orangeville, Ontario with their three beautiful children. She easily admits that though she has given natural birth to only one of them, that does not diminish the love she has for all three of them.


In her book, Nasira shares her own life story with her readers to help them understand the principles ofthe law of attraction and how applying these teachings will help them to live the life of their dreams.


Website: booklifereset.com or http://www.liferesetacademy.com

Facebook: @lifereset

Contact number: 1-416-627-2216

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