1169: Naomi Sodomin is helping women create a life of freedom, joy, and abundance


Naomi Sodomin-

As founder and president of Embrace the Mirror, a personal development company providing world-class guidance for women transitioning out of corporate America to build their dream business, Naomi Sodomin is a dynamic teacher and coach. She is passionate and committed to being instrumental in transforming the lives of her clients, and has successfully helped hundreds of women clarify their vision and take action on what’s important to them.   Naomi Sodomin is the author of her upcoming book Embrace the Mirror:  A Vision Of Abundance And A Stronger You. Following the book’s worldwide launch, she has continued to work with a roster of influential leaders to empower women across the globe. When not working directly with her company, Naomi can be found on stage in various venues delivering her message of self-love, freedom, joy, and abundance.   Naomi is a native of Haiti, and entered the United States at the tender age of nine, with her family and three siblings; a quest for a better life drove them from their seaside village to seek more opportunity and freedom. Despite the early days of financial struggle and challenges of inner city life, Naomi graduated college and became a Registered Nurse. Her passion for freedom, joy, and abundance opened the door for a career opportunity as an in-demand Travel Nurse, thereby doubling her income and enabling her to work throughout the country.   During her nursing career, Naomi developed a love of mentoring the new nurses, and was quickly recognized for her talent for coaching and inspiration. As a Certified Preceptor in the Critical Care setting, Naomi mentored hundreds of newly-pinned and student nurses. She helped them build their confidence, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the demanding and stressful nursing profession, where life and death hang on every decision.   Naomi has transferred her love for mentoring and coaching, and created a vibrant and thriving business that now gives her the flexibility to do the work she loves, travel the world, and spend precious time with her husband and young son. Listen another #12minconvo