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Naomi Mdudu on #12minrvconvos podcast journey

Naomi Mdudu-

Naomi Mdudu spent the majority of her career working as a fashion editor in national newspapers in London where her true education came from navigating the delicate balancing act between the storytelling of editorial and the commercial engine that kept that possible. As a business strategist, Naomi worked with some of the leading names in the fashion and lifestyle industry on creating compelling campaigns and activations. She now make those strategies and insights available for the start-ups and solopreneurs that need them through her work as a business strategist and coach.

Today, entrepreneurs hire Naomi to provide them with the clarity and action steps necessary to grow and scale their businesses. Her super power lies in taking the product or service they have worked hard to create and giving them the tools they need to stand out in a crowded market so that their ideal clients can find them.

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