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Nadine Nelen-  

Nadine Nelen: My name is Nadine Nelen, born in Belgium and in 2006 I packed to suitcases and moved to Australia (the other side of the world). I wrote a book about my life called Yes I do & I did it. I changed many things around in my life and last but not least I started to work from my zone of genius as an entrepreneur. Since our last chat I have worked as an intuitive mentor for people going through or aiming for change and loved every bit of it. 
I have an unusual talent. I am a psychic aura reader and healer that cuts through all the blocks and gets results. I see right to the very heart of every issue – so when it seems like I’m reading your mind… it’s because I am. 
For years I worked in high profile jobs in the corporate world. I had to hide my gifts to fit in. Throughout my awakening journey of empowerment, I learned how to take my life in my own hands and stop being the victim – so rather trying to fit into a World that didn’t fit me – I changed my life completely and now I am mentoring people like you to experience the same. 
Jokingly I call myself a spiritual PT because I specialize in training the spiritual muscle of business people while I mentor them through their challenges with the guidance of their own soul. 
When I am not playing with my horses, dogs or alpacas I spend my days writing, healing, teaching spiritual techniques and helping high powered people who, (maybe even secretly) know they are intuitive.
My passion is to help these amazing souls like you to connect with the deepest parts of their true being, so rather than hiding from who they truly are – they step out and shine. They use their gifts to make the right decisions, to make the epic changes that seemed so hard before, without this guidance… And this is why I love my life.
How are you doing? [01:05]
How’s that going? [01:26]
Where is the best place for someone that’s listening to connect with you? [04:39]
Do you have any regrets looking back over the last 2 years and how does it feel? [05:57]
How were your relationships been? [06:40]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:17]

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