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Monique Russell

Hailing from the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, Monique Russell believes in leadership from the inside out and she proves it in everything she does. Monique is the founder and managing partner of Clear Communications Solutions, LLC, where she teaches effective communication strategies to leaders in a variety of business and government sectors.


As an Afro-Caribbean diaspora woman in the USA, Monique is passionate about helping other women translate their professional success to home success by teaching powerful mindset strategies such as Your Family Is A Business and winning tools to enhance, restore and maximize value, respect, appreciation and love at home.


As a communications expert, she has taught thousands of leaders globally, shared the international speaking stage with icons such as Lisa Nichols, and has consulted for government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and for fortune 100 companies such as Verizon, Intel, and Equifax. She has worked with institutions of higher education in the areas of diversity, cultural sensitivity, public speaking, and communications with an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence.


Monique has shared her leadership expertise to local Chambers of Commerce, national associations such as the Society of Human Resource Managers, National Headstart Association, school groups, and faith-based organizations. Because of her background, she is a frequently sought after guest on business, local and international radio shows, and she’s been quoted and featured in publications as a subject matter expert in the areas of leadership and effective communications. Monique’s civic involvement includes serving as a board Advisor for non-profit groups, establishing a Tedx afterschool club which is broadcast globally on TED.com, sponsoring anti-bullying campaigns in the Caribbean, and facilitating programs at Junior Achievement, and YearUp Atlanta among others. She is the founder and host of a Forbes recommended leadership conference, founder of the Clear Communication Online Institute; and an advisory board member of Leadercast, the world’s largest one-day leadership conference.


Despite the credentials and success, through the journey of life, Monique lost her confidence but reclaimed it through a series of empowering exercises and resources. It is because of her multi-dimensional experiences that her teachings on how to communicate confidently from the inside out are very effective. Monique earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism, and two Masters of Science degrees in Public Relations and Advertising. She is a Certified Life Coach and DiSC facilitator. Monique is married with two boys, loves the beach, sushi, dancing and reading.

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