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Mindy Gibbins-Klein- 

Mindy Gibbins-Klein: I am a speaker and consultant showing business leaders globally how to build their credibility and thought leadership My clients learn how to position themselves as the true authority in their field by writing and publishing the best quality books, ebooks and articles, and by developing powerful speaking content.

To date, my companies have helped over 1000 aspiring authors to get their best books written and published, to build their profiles as leading experts. My latest book, The Thoughtful Leader, challenges leaders to go beyond thought leadership and learn ThoughtFUL Leadership – with real consideration of people and ideas. I’m proud to have been shortlisted for and won 18+ awards for my work over 18 years in 18 countries across the globe!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing today? [01:03]
Are you still living around the word tenacity? [01:09]
Open up more. [01:51]
How do you look at your younger self from the perspective of being older now? [02:33]
My younger self, in recording these conversations, took care of my older self, have you seen that experience as well? [03:52]
You have written The Thoughtful Leader and helped others write books as well, where are you in that space? 04:56
Is there a one place we can go to find out more about you? [06:27]
Do you still invest in having teachers, coaches and mentors? [06:50]
How has what you’ve been doing impacted your children? [07:44]
Do you have any regrets when you look back? [10:33]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:55]


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