383: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney-

South African born Mimika Cooney is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

TV Host.
Branding, Video Marketing and Visibility Strategist.
Award winning Photographer.
Published Author.

Mimika’s passion is helping female entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams, boost their visibility online, attract their dream clients, position their brand, and build a business so they can have more time to do the things they love.

Mimika Cooney began her entrepreneurial journey at age 16 (she grew up with a serial entrepreneurial father), and has since run four successful businesses in three countries in South Africa, England and the USA.

She has experience in digital marketing, branding, website design, public relations, photography, TV broadcasting, and Video production.

She has worked as a live on-air television broadcaster hosting a morning breakfast magazine show “York Today” in York, England, and has experience in front of the lens in the modeling industry. She received television broadcaster/presenting training in South Africa from Nadia Bilchick (current CNN news anchor).

She is an international award winning photographer in two countries, 13 years experience and has authored two books on the subject.

She is a public speaker, and loves to teach workshops, courses and lead masterminds.

Mimika provides strategic consulting in Branding, Video and Marketing for entrepreneurs, experts, speakers, coaches and authors.

Her signature program “Video Visibility Bootcamp”, her membership site “The Worthy Revolution” and her Facebook Group help the modern female entrepreneur build her business and boost her visibility with style!


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Mimika Cooney

Thanks for having me on your show darling you rock!!!

Engel Jones

You are welcome. Thank You for sharing Your Own Unique Real Self with us.

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