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  • Mimi Emmanuel is the Author of the Holy Grail of Book Launching; writes on Health, Faith and Book Publishing /Ep2597

Mimi Emmanuel-

Mimi Emmanuel lives in Wide Bay, Queensland, Australia in a treehouse overlooking the bay with her family, puppies Layla-Joy, Lilac-Delight and Sweetpea, a rescued baby magpie.

She shares her lunch with the butcherbirds and geckos whilst watching the kangaroos with their joeys hop around her front yard.  Mimi writes from her recliner with ear mufflers on and a cup of chamomile tea beside her. For exercise, she wiggles her toes.

A little while ago Mimi made an attempt at a more adventurous exercise and performed an imperfect backward involuntary-half-somersault of a horse.  You can read all about this in, ‘Be Careful What You Ask/Pray for – A Horse May Grant Your wish. How I Broke My Back In Three Places And Why This May Be A Good Thing.’

You can find Mimi on http://www.mimiemmanuel.com and http://www.amazon.com/author/mimiemmanuel

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