1047:Mikhael Star’s “Beauty in Everything” is the book for you

1047:Mikhael Star’s “Beauty in Everything” is the book for you


Mikhael Star-

Mikhael Star-Inspired and excited are not two words usually associated with the topic of death–especially, if you are faced with the loss of a loved one.  But Mikhael Star’s “Beauty in Everything” is the book for you if you want to create a sacred experience of gratitude, honor, and beauty that celebrates your loved one’s life and what their life has meant, even as you say goodbye.  “I will never gloss over the pain and grief of losing a loved one, but if that is all we experience in a loved one’s final rite of passage, then we are missing out on the sacredness and beauty of Life.”


 Mikhael’s 30 years of teaching and exploration in the fields of education, change management, psychology, resilience, human development, rites of passage, resilience, sociology, and spirituality have been synthesized with the bittersweet lessons she learned in accompanying two loves on their death journeys.  Mikhael draws on her experiences to encourage others to respect loss, death, and grief as meaningful elements of our lives; emboldening us accept their often times unclaimed gifts.  Using thisknowledge Mikhael is able to advise on how to create mindful

  experiences.  “When we complete the circle of life-death-rebirth that is the natural order of existence, we reclaim our power to connect with what is sacred to us and create meaningful lives and beauty-full experiences.”  Contact Mikhael at info@mikhaelstar.com


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