1409:Mike Andes is the host of the Business Bootcamp podcast

1409:Mike Andes is the host of the Business Bootcamp podcast

Mike Andes

Mike Andes-

Hi, my name is Mike Andes, 22 years old. Landscape entrepreneur and podcaster. Author. Started college at age 13

I hope you gain tools and advice from my Business Bootcamp podcast, book, blog etc that will help you start, grow, or save your business. I do this because I want to help and meet new people… people like me… entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the ones that think big!

I really hate talking about myself. Seriously! In my opinion past successes don’t mean much. They are only the platform for today’s opportunities.

I was born September 13, 1995.

I started college when I was 13 years old and paid my way through college by pushing a lawn mower around. I completed my pre-med degree but cancelled my medical school application after traveling to Africa at the age of 18. I am now obtaining my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and am founder of a couple different businesses. I own a landscape, lawn care, and materials trucking business. I also am cofounder of a food tech company. I don’t just hand out advice and consulting because I went through business school. I actually have employees, built a small business, and have achieved success outside of my media/publishing/consulting career. I also started LandscapeBusinessCourse.com where I share my step-by-step model for creating a successful landscaping business.



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