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  • Michelle Hodges is a Platform Security (DevSecOps) Engineer at Red Ventures /Ep2194
Michelle Hodges

Michelle Hodges is a Platform Security (DevSecOps) Engineer at Red Ventures. Starting out managing Operations at a fast growing IT startup, Michelle fell in love with tech and delved deep into learning backend engineering. Today, her passion lies within writing code in Go, C#, and NodeJS, while also nerding out in cloud infrastructure, software patterns and architecture.

During her day to day, she leads two Agile teams of 8 that focuses on building security tooling, while also leading a non-profit group called Women Leaders in Tech that focuses on actionable items to shift perceptions on what it means to be a woman in tech leadership positions.

In her free time, Michelle along her husband created an open source application that assists penetration testers in deploying mass amount of infrastructure for Red Teaming purposes. They presented their tool “hideNsneak” at Black Hat, Las Vegas, in 2018.

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