1188:Michael Woodward is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink and the CEO of Woodward Design Group

Michael Woodward-

Michael Woodward is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink.  jumbleThink is a podcast focused on telling the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencer.  Along the way we give our listeners with big ideas and dreams practical steps to chase their own dreams.  Michael is also the CEO of Woodward Design Group.  He and his team have built over 400 websites and web applications for clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune  100 corporations.  He has also consulted with hundreds of businesses through the Small Business Development Council in Butte County,  Ca (http://www.buttecollegesbdc.com) along with teaching courses on web design / development and marketing strategies.  His passion is to help individuals and businesses make their dreams attainable through creative thinking / idea formation and strategy.  You can check out jumbleThink at https://www.jumblethink.com/

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