1940:Michael Arias is Host of The Dental Marketer Podcast...

1940:Michael Arias is Host of The Dental Marketer Podcast/ Ground Marketer

Michael Arias

Michael Arias-

Michael Arias asks, Don’t you wish you can just focus on improving people’s smile?

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to deal with “low production” and “how are we going to get more new patients next month” or even “holy crap, collection this month is so low and new patient flow is horrible, what do I do to make more money to at least cover my overhead, where do I start?!”

You may be telling yourself “I’m not suppose to be dealing with marketing and trying to convince people to come to my office, and negotiate with every patient on treatment…. I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!

Well, I am here to tell you I completely understand. I do.

You became a dentist mainly because you wanted to help people. You wanted to help the world by improving lives! I can see that and I want to make sure people see that in you.

I am here to give you tips, strategies, campaigns, marketing tools, trends, life saving information, and more on how to market and build your practice successfully so that you do not have to worry about this anymore!

With the help of other remarkably brilliant minds (the guest on my show), we share our knowledge to help you plan, execute, advise, and grow into the dentist and dental practice you want to be.

I provide all this to you on The Dental Marketer Podcast. So be sure you subscribe or constantly check when an episode comes out because each episode will only motivate, educate, inspire and upgrade you and your dental practice.

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