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How conversations affected me mentally?



A shift of my mindset occurred as I grew to understand and respect each person's choice.

My transformation occurred when I began intentionally listening to the life experiences of people from all over the world. These are three ways in which I have improved.



Increased Mindfulness

I learned to be fully present in the moment. This brought a clearer idea of what brought me fulfilment  as I began to focus on listening to the stories of others. 



Increased Self - Confidence

Through repetition and dedication  to these conversations, I found that by focusing on one skill a confident approach to other things in my life was created. 



Increased Happiness

As I started dedicating more time to what gave me fulfilment I started to feel happier. This happiness automatically flowed into other parts of my life. 


Accountability Consistency.
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Engel's questions always make me pause and consider 'what do I really feel' about x or y. It is a wonderful 12 minutes of enforced reflection. To borrow from Joan Didion, I don't know what I think until I talk to Engel!

The fact that he does his research, that he asks nuanced questions that make you think properly and not just reel off a stock reply. It's rare.

I am beyond impressed that he's keeping this going. It's a real example of proper grit.


Engel is a pro at prodcasting at scale with over 2,000 episodes. He is thoughtful, prepared and curious about people's lives and businesses.

Even though Engel has done over 2,000 episodes, he puts his time, research and attention into each episode. Incredibly prepared.

Jeff Large CMO

Engel is a great guy with an interesting perspective.

One of my favorite things about this show is the long-term perspective it gives. Most interviews go deep once. Engel's podcast shows growth over time. I've been on twice with a two-year gap in-between. There are huge differences in my confidence, knowledge-based, focus, niche, etc. It's exciting to tangibly see.

Keep up the good work!

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