Melanie Parish is an expert who shows people new ways of thinking about their leadership /Ep 2858

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Melanie Parish is a public speaker, consultant, workshop leader, author, and Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, from whom she received the Prism Award.

An expert in problem-solving, constraints management, operations, strategic hiring, and brand development, Melanie has consulted and coached organizations ranging from a Fortune 50 company to IT start-ups. Her individual clients include those in FAANG and other top global IT companies.

Melanie is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach and Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach, and a Theory of Constraints Certified Jonah. As an author, educator, and creator of the Experimental Leader program, Melanie shows people new ways of thinking about their leadership, informed by her understanding of the fast-paced ride of technology innovation.

She is based in Dundas, Ontario and Las Cruces, New Mexico.


LinkedIn: MelanieParish

Twitter: @melanieparish

Guest’s Website:

LinkedIn: MelanieParish

Twitter: @melanieparish

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