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Meg Wheeler

Meg Wheeler is the Co-Founder and CEO of One For Women. One for Women empowers and connects women through a focus on promoting women-owned companies and sharing women’s stories. We offer unique, curated gift sets, designed for the “everyday” moments in life, featuring products from women-owned companies and our online marketplace showcases products from women makers. We share the stories of our women makers with our community via our blog and social media channels, and we host a monthly One Woman to Know series profiling amazing women changing the world in their own ways. We spread our message of the importance of small gestures through our weekly podcast, One For Womenkind, where we have intimate conversations on how we can use kindness and compassion to show up and support women. To further our mission of supporting and connecting women, a portion of our profits go back to women’s non-profit organizations. Our philosophy is simple: one small gesture can have one big impact. To learn more about One For Women, visit our site here or follow us on Instagram here. To listen to the One For Womenkind podcast, head here.

 Meg is also a Startup Strategist and Financial Educator, blogging about money-related business topics and teaching creative entrepreneurs how to set up and manage the “money stuff” (from accounting to budgeting to taxes) in their businesses. She is the host of Mimosas and Money, a weekly IGTV series aimed to make thinking about the money in your business fun and approachable. Meg can be found on her site here or over on Instagram here.



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