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Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson is an internationally recognised Personal Branding & Online Business Expert.

Mary helps Service Based Entrepreneurs, Startups & Business Owners align their Personal Brand, skills, expertise & life lesson’s into an end-to-end (online) solution so they become recognised as an industry expert.

Mary has 18 years experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses in the IT sector and 13 years delivering online solutions for large and small businesses. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded a thought leader in the digital sector.

Mary’s point of difference is her Personal Branding Methodology. In today’s economy defining a person’s uniqueness & what they stand for and applying it across all communication touchpoint’s is key to a successful vocation.

When you engage Mary, you access 32,000+ hours of experience and knowledge in personal branding, client profiling, lead generation strategies, online course development, sales, content development and digital knowledge.

Mary embraces technology and social media in a big way and her followers are growing daily.

Mary is a heart centred, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on sharing her knowledge and witnessing people fulfil their dreams. 

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