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Marvin Jacobs is the Creative Director of Airborne, an audio agency based in the Netherlands. He helps brands finding their own sound, connecting them with the right audiences by making content that matters. That can be spoken word, music or other forms of sound. He is creatively responsible for concepts and content creation with a strong focus on podcasts.

Marvin is the creator of the podcast ‘The Journey’, which he created on behalf of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. This show tells amazing stories about trips that changed everything. It was Marvin’s very first step into the world of podcasting. To his surprise this first series, which launched in 2018, received a lot of recognition world wide, including a Lovies Award, a Red Dot Award and a nomination for a Webby Award.

This success led to the founding of audio agency Airborne. As the Creative Director Marvin is fully focused on the medium that he is so passionate about – a passion that started during his daily commute, years ago: podcasts turned his daily drive into inspirational quality time.

Now Marvin is a self-declared ambassador for podcasts in the Netherlands. He writes about it for different media, became a jury-member of the Dutch Podcast Awards and give talks about podcasts at all kinds of events. In 2019 his passion and enthusiasm was recognized with an award for him personally, at an important national industry event.

In 2020 he plans to launch several new shows, branded and non-branded. But, most importantly, he wants to stay true to his passion and dreams – as he explains in the inspiring conversation with Engel.


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