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  • Marta Basso is the founder of the #StopWhining movement and co-founder of Millennial Warriors, a social business that tackles the issue of generational gap /Ep2368

Marta Asso- 

Marta Basso is “the face you always see on Linkedin”. 26 year-old Italian, Management graduate at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and Hult International Business School in London and San Francisco, is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. After working in the wine business, she’s become CEO for One Month at The Adecco Group Italy and awarded as one of the best students in 2016 by the Italian Parliament and the UN Impact. She is a vlogger and works as a consultant in the field of early stage innovation, startup-company cooperation, and intrapreneurship. She’s the founder of the #StopWhining movement and co-founder of Millennial Warriors, a social business that tackles the issue of generational gap. She plays several instruments, studies as a sommelier and loves sports.


Which of your talents is responsible for us meeting? [00:45]
Tell us more about your video and your blog – [01:08]
Who did you learn this skill/ability from? [02:44]
Why will you continue to repeat this skill? [03:43]
What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [05:54]
Where is the best place for someone that’s listening to connect with you? [08:24]
What is your earliest childhood memory? [08:50]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [11:26]
Declaration Time – [13:23]



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