1709:Mark Wiltshear is the presenter of the Explore Finland podcast

Mark Wiltshear-

Mark Wiltshear has 20 years experience in retail & account management including export sales to the Nordics. He is co-founder of Xport, whose range of services help Finnish companies develop their export sales, including market research, lead generation, attending trade shows & delivering a pitch in English. http://www.xport.fi

Mark is also the presenter of the Explore Finland podcast, where he interviews Finns about the interests, hobbies, or sports team, as well as Finish history and culture. He is also the host of the Finnish Football Show podcast, a regular talk show about football in Finland. http://www.explorefinlandpodcast.com or on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/fi/podcast/explore-finland-radio-show/id948019018

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