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Mark Sears-

Mark Sears is Founder and CEO of CloudFactory, a rapidly growing startup focused on changing how the world works by using technology to make it super easy for startups and fast-growing tech companies to scale by offloading routine, digital work so they can focus on innovation and growth.

CloudFactory believes that talent is equally distributed around the world, but opportunity is not. Our mission is to create meaningful work for one million people in the developing world.


  • The future of work and what it means to startups and enterprises
  • How tech and people intersect to create value in the “new economy”
  • How entrepreneurs and startups can help lift people out of poverty
  • Making work about much more than a paycheck


  • How will the forces of AI and globalization impact businesses and workers?
  • Why startups must define and redefine their “why”?
  • How can businesses navigate the “on-demand economy” including freelancers, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, and contingent workforces?
  • How can startups scale smarter and faster than ever before?


L:  https://np.linkedin.com/in/msears

W: http://www.CloudFactory.com

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