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Mark Ainley is a specialist in multiple fields. Since his teens he has been active in the curating of and research of historical piano recordings and has gained an international reputation as an expert in this arena. His website The Piano Files and corresponding Facebook page is a hub for thousands of fans of historical performances by the greatest artists.

Mark’s professional life in the last 19 years has been focused on helping individuals bring integration to their lives, primarily through a contemporary approach to Feng Shui principles. His expansive view of the practice led him to coin the phrase Contemporary Feng Shui to better reflect the universal and timeless nature of the practice. Starting in 2003 he began making teaching and consulting trips to Japan, where he had spent half of his ‘90s as a teacher and DJ, and he still travels there annually to present workshops, consult on home and commercial properties, and train new consultants. 

As a teacher, consultant, writer, and lecturer, Mark presents refreshing alternative viewpoints to expand his audience’s perspectives and mindset.

Mark Ainley’s Websites:

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