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Marilyn Sutherland

Marilyn Sutherland-

Marilyn Sutherland is the founder of Free to Create coaching, training people in the essential skills to have powerful, sustaining relationships in every area of life.

She is the creator of the relationship program “Your Journey to Lasting Love.” She had her own consulting business for years, focusing on the people-side of business including change management, communication, leadership and human resources.

In 2018, Marilyn will publish a book on love relationships based on almost 100 in-depth interviews with men and women from ages 20 to 75+. This book will help you navigate your journey of love by learning critical relationship habits from others’ successes and challenges and guide you in how to integrate these new habits into your daily relationships and life.

She is one of the co-authors (along with her husband, Chuck) of the inspirational book The Game Changer: Stories that Changed Lives (Volume 2). In this #1 Amazon International Best-Seller, Marilyn tells the story of her journey from “an independent woman who doesn’t need a man but wants a committed relationship” to a happy, fulfilled, single women. When she married at age 49, she began a new journey to lasting love. After years of training, consulting, coaching and being an expert in relationships, she has a passion for helping others find their journey to lasting love, partnership and more.

Marilyn had a 17-year career at IBM including as a manager and relationship manager. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Organizational Development, she worked for Accenture as a Change Management Specialist. She had her own business for years, consulting in change, organizational design, management and human resources. In business, she coaches managers to successfully lead change initiatives built on trust and communication and to create and embody leadership habits for success. She helps employees discover how to show up as leaders in their teams and organization (no matter what their title) and build solid professional relationships within and outside of their organization.

As a leader of personal transformation seminars for 15 years, she coached over 1,000 individuals to be in powerful action to fulfill their dreams. A graduate of Presence-Based Leadership Coach Training, Marilyn coaches women in their journey of knowing themselves, being confident and creating healthy relationship habits as they navigate their personal and professional lives. She is a relationship expert at YourTango.com.

If you would like to know more about how Marilyn could empower you in your relationships, please schedule a “Lasting Love Breakthrough Session“. And if you have questions, please send a message to her.

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