1834:Maria Rea works with entrepreneurs who have a desire to ...

1834:Maria Rea works with entrepreneurs who have a desire to become a leader in their community…

Maria Rea

Maria Rea-

Maria Rea is the Founder and CEO of MY Media & Publishing Group
Creator and Publisher of MY Authentic Life Magazine
Author & Transformational keynote Speaker
EBC (Evolutionary Business Council) Member
Wellness Universe Member

MY Mission is to build awareness through designing a customized magazine for individuals, organizations, and foundations through our publishing efforts. By highlighting true-to-life stories and articles that touch the hearts and minds of so many, we aspire to educate, empower and inspire others, making these publications a must have in any community, organization or foundation.

Originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, now living in a suburb of Detroit, Maria is an entrepreneur whose passion is to help others. With 25+ years of business experience in publishing, advertising, marketing, and public relations, as well as, owning and selling multiple businesses, Maria has a great appreciation for the challenges that businesses face on a daily basis.

As the Founder/CEO of MY Media & Publishing Group, Maria is a publishing expert who specializes in helping others to become a leader in their community, organization or foundation by starting their own customized magazine to use as a marketing tool and to create awareness through the written word, as well as, consulting existing magazine publishers who aspire to “up their game” by implementing her successfully proven methods.

As the creator and publisher of MY Authentic Life magazine, we design a magazine that encourages others to live their best life. We seek writers who are inspired to empower our readers and who are committed to making positive changes in the world with their words.

As a transformational speaker, it is certain that with her life experiences, the coaches who have taught her and the mentors who have led her, that she pass along knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment needed in the world today.



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