Marc Mawhinney helps coaches get more clients WITHOUT paid advertising! /Ep2458

Marc Mawhinney helps coaches get more clients WITHOUT paid advertising! /Ep2458


Marc Mawhinney- 

Marc Mawhinney: I help coaches get more clients and build stronger businesses – I have a passion for this because I saw first-hand how difficult it is to do it. I hate to see coaches struggling, and made a promise that once I “made it”, I would help others do the same!

Since 2014, I’ve been hosting a daily podcast (“Natural Born Coaches”) which shares advice on how to have more success as a coach. It’s up over 500 episodes now, and I’m just getting warmed up!

I put a lot of my energy and focus into my exclusive print newsletter for coaches: Secret Coach Club. That’s where I share my best stuff.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:56]
Are you doing the same things you were doing before? [01:05]
The hard work that you put into coaching [01:43]
Do you regret making that change, from being the real estate agent to being the coach? [02:15]
How have you been evolving with regards to building your radar? [02:55]
On the quality vs. the quantity of work [03:43]
On allowing others to define what success is. [04:42]
What’s going on with your podcast? [05:48]
On having challenges within the online space [07:00]
What is your twin’s life like? [07:59]
Have you had the conversation with death? [08:34]
Is the Marc Mawhinney Minute still going on? [11:39]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [12:02]


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