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Mandelynn Moses-

Mandelynn Moses is the Global Curator at Alter Ego Global.

Alter Ego World is a global women’s leadership conference that helps women celebrate their uniqueness so they can be seen and heard on a global platform.

Unfortunately society and our families throughout time diminish that flame that flame, so we begin the habit early on in life attempting to fit in. If you are anything like me, the more you try to fit in the more you realize you don’t quite belong.

That is why I have created Alter Ego World. During this 3 day event, we celebrate your uniqueness and encourage you to be the outlier you were born to be. Effective and highly influential leaders embrace all of who they are and are not afraid to be bold and stand out above the crowd.

At the Alter Ego Global Women’s Leadership Conference we want to help you find your unique expression and provide you all the tools to launch you and your message out in the world in a big way!

If you are interested in attending, becoming a speaker, or sponsoring this unique experience please message me at contact@mandelynnmoses.com

Mandelyn’s Profile:

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