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  • Lyndon Brathwaite is a young entrepreneur with a passion for seeing Trinidad & Tobago and its people develop to become an example of the Caribbean region for productivity /Ep2571

Lyndon Brathwaite-

Lyndon is a young entrepreneur with a passion for seeing Trinidad & Tobago and its people develop to become an example of the Caribbean region for productivity, creative artistic expression, technological advancement, etc. His philosophy is that the direction of a country can be seen through the direction of its people (citizens). It is through this philosophy and what he has learned from his parents, friends and mentors over his forty-two years that drives his mission for change. 

He has over thirteen years experience in the Sales and Customer Service Industry and currently is the Founder and Managing Director of OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. His expertise has been able to help the company achieve some of the following; 

  • Development of new business 
  • Improved service delivery models that have allowed them to 
  • Increased market share 
  • Create new positions for employee growth and development and be more 

His experience comes from working within the following business industries; 

  • Financial 
  • Automotive 
  • Information Communication and Telecommunications (ICT) 
  • Corporate Services 

Lyndon’s Vision: To create a culture where everyone makes a significant, positive difference in their life, the lives of others and the organisations and customers they serve. 

In October 2015 he founded his company OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. The company mirrors his vision and with that offers the following services; Market Research, Sales Coaching, Customer Service Coaching and Personal Development Coaching. 

His main approach to his company, his clients and the people to Trinidad & Tobago is to Change the routine, Create opportunities, make a Difference for yourself and others and Achieve your goals. 


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