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Lorraine Tilbury-

Lorraine Tilbury’s vision of combining her leadership & training skills honed in corporate environments with her love of horses came to fruition with the launch of HorsePower International in 2014, offering equine-facilitated workshops & programs in team dynamics, leadership skills & emotional intelligence. Operating out of her home in the Loire Valley,her herd of 6 horses are the guides for individuals & teams who attend. A certified Eponaquest© instructor, she provides concepts and tools associated with powerful non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence of horses, so that professionals can find their path by using the Power of the Horse to jumpstart their professional and personal projects.

Lorraine Tilbury is in the process of integrating Intentional Creativity into her equine-facilitated learning program. The philosophy behind Intentional Creativity is that of creating mindfully, by accessing the creative source that is in all human beings, as a way to re-connect with one’s True Self, thus linking back to our own internal source of joy & well-being, and providing a powerful way to visualize the life that we want to live.

Loraine is also the Founder and CEO of Global Regulatory Communications (GRC). Launched in 2013, GRC offers consulting to multinational corporations on toxicology, chemical, pesticide and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Previous to her independent practice, a 20-year corporate career included working with DuPont, Pfizer, Arysta Lifescience and Nufarm, holding senior leadership roles across Europe in training, career development and project management. For DuPont specifically, certified in their signature “Targeted Development” career program, she delivered this across Europe, Middle East and Africa for high potentials and senior management.

A Veterinarian and American-Board Certified Toxicologist, she holds degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Toxicologic Pathology, and Toxicology. Published in industry journals on cell proliferation, chemical carcinogenesis & risk assessment, she is also affiliated with the Society of Toxicology and represents clients in European interprofessional advocacy groups. Recently, she was elected Vice President of Mentoring for the Global Professional Women’s Network Federation. Lorraine is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and modern Greek.


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