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Lorna Blake-

I’m an international Motivational Speaker, award-winning co-Author, certified Life, Leadership and Prosperity Mindset Coach. 

I help primarily spiritual entrepreneurs including coaches, speakers, spiritual teachers and healers to increase their impact and income.

My passion for travel and facilitating transformation for others has led me to 15 countries. I have lived & worked in five different countries where I’ve taught, coached and inspired thousands from many cultures and walks of life.  

My personal story of confronting the truth of my paternity shared in my most recent book was featured in a film/documentary, released in January 2019. It played in select theaters in the United States. 

To further my search for my true identity I have just returned from a life-changing trip to Ghana West Africa. I’m in process of creating a mini-documentary to chronicle my journeys and experiences. 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:24]
Which of your talents is responsible for us connecting? [00:53]
On being tenacious [01:46]
Why will you continue to pursue your dreams and never give up? [02:52]
On being an award-winning co-author, What’s the name of that book? [03:57]
Where is the best place to go to find out more? [04:41]
What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [05:01]
How does it make you feel? [06:18]
Why would you suggest to someone to do what you do? [06:43]
What’s your earliest childhood memory? [07:04]
Why do you think this memory is so clear? [07:46]
Engel’s Insight [09:18]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [10:06]
Declaration time – [10:53]

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Engel Jones

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