289: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Lori J Isenstadt

289: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Lori J Isenstadt

Lori J Isenstadt-

Lori J Isenstadt, IBCLC, RLC.

The IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The RLC stands for Registered Lactation Consultant

Providing breastfeeding help

A review of Lori’s recent professional experience in the field of lactation –

2015-current – Podcast Host of All About Breastfeeding
2013-current – Baby Moon Inn – Staff Lactation consultant
2009 – Online Breastfeeding Instructor Aviva Institute
2007 – current – Opened private practice, All About Breastfeeding, which is located in Peoria, Arizona. Complete lactation services include one on one scheduled consults by appointment only, Medela Symphony breastpump rentals, expert nursing bra fitting and breastfeeding classes.

2001 – 2007 – Provided individual lactation consults in a local retail store.
2001 – 2007 – Provided lactation services in the Maternity Unit at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Arizona.
1998 – 2001 – trained under a very experienced IBCLC and received the highest distinction in the field of lactation services – IBCLC, RLC
1987 – 2001 – Assisted mothers and babies as a peer breastfeeding counselor. Please read further for a more detailed biography of Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC

Shortly after the birth of her second baby in 1987, Lori has been working with breastfeeding mothers and babies. As a Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified Birth Doula, Lori has assisted hundreds of women with early breastfeeding challenges in her initial role as a peer breastfeeding counselor. In 1998, Lori decided to take formal training to become an IBCLC.

Her first step was to become a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC). As Lori began to understand her limitations as a CBC and recognize the delicate intricacy of the field of lactation, she decided to take the plunge and formally apply to the International Board of Certified Lactation Examiners to become an IBCLC. Lori was extremely fortunate to find an experienced and dedicated IBCLC to mentor her.

Under her mentors guidance, Lori studied and worked with breastfeeding woman in a variety of settings. Lori spent the next two years gleaning experiences interning in several hospitals, Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) offices, observing other IBCLC’s in lactation clinics and private practices. Lori recognized the need for breastfeeding mothers to have ongoing support in their early breastfeeding experiences. Lori worked together with other IBCLC’s in forming hospital based breastfeeding mothers groups. These groups were highly successful and continue to flourish nine years later.

In 2001, Lori passed her boards and received the highly respected title of IBCLC ( International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). IBCLCs are required to renew their certification every 5 years. Lori continues to meet these requirement and has recently been recertified by the exam she took in July 2011. Her certification is now valid until 2016. Since 2001, Lori has met with approximately 8,000 mothers who have scheduled a private consult to help assist in their breastfeeding challenges. Since 1998, as an IBCLC employed at Phoenix Baptist between 1999 and 2007, Lori consulted with over 7,000 mothers during their hospital stay. Teaching breastfeeding classes have been a part of her everyday work and cumulatively Lori has taught well over 1,000 classes. Sharing accurate and current information, using evidence based research is a source of pride with Lori, to ensure parents have the very best information and are empowered to make the best decision for their family. Lori J Isenstadt lives with her husband Alan and is surrounded by her 3 children, ages 31, 29 and 26, who all live in close proximity to her. All three children were breastfed until they self weaned. Lori holds a membership in the following professional organizations.


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