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Lora Cheadle 


Lora Cheadle, former attorney and Life Choreographer® is a transformational thought leader, and media personality who empowers women to reveal their smart, sexy, spiritual selves in all that they do so they can be happy, healthy and burnout free. Lora helps women find their personal sparkle and fall deeply in love with themselves and the lives they have worked so hard to create.

Creator of FLAUNT! and Find Your Sparkle coaching programs, workshops, and destination retreats, she has worked with women worldwide to become happy, healthy and burnout free.

An avid traveler and seeker of all things magical, glittery and fun, Lora uses her boundless energy to engage with others and explore curiosities near and far.

She dances burlesques under the name, Chakra Tease, a tribute to her favorite philosopher, Socrates, the Socratic Method, which is utilized in law school, her love of yoga, the chakras and her flirty personality.

Lora empowers others to choreograph their own life using her skills as an attorney, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, yoga, pole dance, and fitness instructor as well as her own intuition, which was honed in part by Dr. Doreen Virtue. She lives in Colorado with her husband and has two amazing sons in college.

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