Liz Rutledge is a Freelance Writer, Community Activator, Wife, Daughter...)

857:Liz Rutledge is a Freelance Writer, Community Activator, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Mother


Liz Rutledge-

Liz Rutledge is a Freelance Writer, Community Activator, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Mother. She writes a blog on sustainable living at The blog informs readers how to integrate sustainable living wherever they are in the different stages of everyday life. Through challenges, interviews and blog posts about various environmental subjects, breaks down all the data into actionable tasks. Liz’s deepest and most long lasting passion has been the environment. She writes for newsletters, home tour brochures, a travel blog, and magazine articles as a way to express this passion.

Additionally, Liz is writing a novel about on-line dating as an elderly woman to stretch her creative muscles. Inspired to try to make a difference after hearing of a 14-year-old boy’s suicide, Liz hopes to help even just one student not consider suicide as an option to solve their problems. Liz created a Mindfulness program for middle school students that involves meditation and serves as a mentor to at-risk teenagers. In the past few years, her focus has shifted towards general mindfulness about body, mind, soul and the environment. Liz lived in Australia for four and a half years. The experience of living in a country much more open to alternative medicine, spirituality and environmental conscientiousness inspired Liz to take more action when she returned to America. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and three children.”


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