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Livia Pewtress-

Hi!  I am Livia Pewtress! I am a Master Connector, Creator and Mentor.  I provide Inspired Resource for Purposeful Living!  I love to facilitate instant transformation.  I love supporting mothers in living lives of purpose where they wake up everyday with joy in their heart and passion in their soul.   


It is my passion to help my clients to live Authentically and love themselves completely.  I support them in designing a creative sanctuary where they can be themselves; live their dreams and empower their children do the same!Connect on LearnLiveFly.com 


 Back in 2011, I discovered the power of Choice!  I woke up and  I took the road less traveled.  I chose to follow my heart and release the urge to criticize, compare and compete.  I hired mentors, read books, attended events and continue to share all I learn.   I am developing my gifts and using them to serve in all the ways I am inspired.  I create. I mentor, I speak, I inspire and I love with all my heart.  I live in JOY!  


I love unconditionally and forgive instantly.  I am blessed to be able to connect deeply with those I meet and truly help them feel loved and supported.  I have the tools and skills to help people move forward and reach their goals.  I love going deep and supporting my clients on a very high level to transform into their greatest self and live JOYFULLY all the dreams in their heart. 


I have been a professional photographer and graphic designer for over 15 years.  I use these skills to create things that bless my life and share them with the world.  I have a gift to capture the essence of the soul, to help you discover your dreams, fortify your mind, create personalized habits of success and fulfil your divine purpose. 


I incorporate my knowledge of Natural Health and Wellness to support my clients in all areas of life.  I care for my family and home with Natural Solutions for health, energy and cleaning. I  am a DIY gal and love to make my own cleaners, lotions, massage oils and more! 


I am a passionate wife, homeschooling mother of 5 brilliant children and inspiration to all!  I love being in nature- hiking, biking, kayaking… and have a long list of adventures to experience.  I love to create things that seem impossible.  I have a love of power tools and creation in all forms! 


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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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