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Lisa Duerre

Lisa Duerre is the CEO and Founder of RLD Group. Over the past 23 years, Lisa has helped over 25,000 employees not only do their work well but also boost their engagement on the job and more fully enjoy their home-life.

When you feel stuck, out of touch with your desires, it can feel as if you are sleepwalking through life. The overachieving leaders in your audience build their self-value around getting things done, but often take on too much and don’t know how to draw healthy boundaries at work or home.

As a reformed overachieving and burnt out technology executive, Lisa Duerre understands what it’s like to feel stuck. But she pulled herself back from burnout and found the clarity and energy to blaze a new trail.

As a speaker and coach, Lisa wants to help career-oriented parents achieve this same success. She teaches them to focus on how they want to feel and use that feeling as a guide for their decision-making. She also shows them how to play to their inner strengths and create an actionable and fluid plan for achieving their goals

She is on a mission to help leaders be present for the moments that matter at work and in their lives!

Lisa got engaged in the front row Phil Collins Concert and recently got her nose pierced (and no one noticed). 🙂

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