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Linda Tilson

Linda Tilson leads a team of professional accountants for the State of Washington Workers’ Compensation Program where she challenges them to become effective problem solvers using Lean tools and methodology.  Linda has a passion for empowering people in their personal and professional settings and believes in creating a living legacy.  Her achievements include hosting LinkedIn local events in Western Washington, serving as a mock interview panel facilitator for her agency’s effective interviewing class, presenting “Appreciative Inquiry and Networking From A Place of Giving at EmpowerLink 1.0, sharing an inspirational journey for IS-3, serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Coaching Hub, LLC, and is an active contributor for Mentor You Global.

Linda is best known for coming up with incredible and actionable insights as a coach that are game changing.  She has a way of seeing opportunities that are hiding in plain sight and she finds creative ways to leverage them.   








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