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Liam Martin-

Liam Martin is a serial entrepreneur who runs Time Doctor and — one of the most popular time tracking and productivity software platforms in use by top brands today. He is also a co-organizer of the world’s largest remote work conference — Running Remote.

Liam is an avid proponent of remote work and has been published in Forbes, Inc, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat and many other publications specifically targeting the expansion of remote work. The mission statement that feeds all the products and services that Liam is involved with stem from empowering workers to work wherever they want, whenever they want.

Liam has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Sociology from McGill University. He lives in Canada but travels 3-6 months out of the year due to his ability to work wherever and whenever he likes. He chooses a new place to travel a few times a year but usually spends time in Austin, Las Vegas and Ubud each year and loves to encourage others to work remotely on his travels.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:29]
What part of Canada are you in right now? [00:39]
Which of your talents is responsible for us connecting? [00:47]
A community minded model – who do you think you learned that from? [01:24]
Tell us a bit more about remote work and tell us about Time Doctor 02:04Why would you continue to do what you do? [03:22]
Where is the best place to find out more? [04:23]
What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [04:39]
How does going to the gym everyday make you feel? [05:01]
Suggest to someone that’s listening why they should pursue and continue what they’re doing with consistency. [05:25]
What’s your earliest childhood memory? [06:25]
Why do you think this memory is so clear? [07:08]
Engel’s Insight – [07:29]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [08:50]
Declaration time – [09:23]


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