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Leanne Blaney


Leanne Blaney is a Balance and Adventure Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Personal Strategist and Best Selling Author as well as one of the brightest minds in personal development today. She incorporates life-transforming skills, training and self-development as well as personal coaching and mentoring focusing on how a person can create a balanced, exciting and meaningful life.

Leanne loves helping people to discover their sparkle, their source of lightness, to ignite their lives and understand how to live a successful life.

She has contributed to the life success of many, inspiring them to their next level of development and personal victory.

Leanne’s life purpose is to cultivate solutions for women that want to develop their creativity, increase their personal passion, prioritise their self-care and live a purposefully balanced life to enhance the contribution they can make in this lifetime.

W: http://www.leanneblaney.com

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