1951:Laura Baxter is an American Opera Singer and Performance Expert

1951:Laura Baxter is an American Opera Singer and Performance Expert

Laura Baxter

Laura Baxter-

For over 25 years, Laura Baxter, the American Opera Singer and Performance Expert have studied the effects of the voice and body on non-verbal communication and leadership. Through her seminars, university courses and keynote speeches, she shares her research and experience not only with actors and singers but also with business and political leaders worldwide. She helps her clients to excel both on and off the stage!

Ms. Baxter uses her stage experience to help business and political leaders to overcome stress and to excel in difficult situations. She also gives keynote speeches on the international stage, in which she combines musical theater and business themes into an entertaining, inspiring and informative event for everyone. In 2011 Ms. Baxter won the German Speakersʼ Association (GSA) Newcomer Casting Award with her Keynote Speech “The Power of Presence!” Ms. Baxter is also considered to be one of Speakersʼ Excellenceʼs Top 100 Trainers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In addition to her performance career, Laura Baxter was on the vocal faculty at the renown Duke University and has been on the faculty at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, since 1999, and she co-authored the book Die besten Ideen für mehr Humor (“The Best Ideas for more Humor”, GABAL Verlag Top Speakers Edition, 2013).

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