866:Lashai Ben Salmi is the founder of Lashai Ben Salmi – My Journey “Giving Youth Several Reasons to (((SMILE)))”


Lashai Ben Salmi-

Lashai Ben Salmi (16yrs old) –http://www.lashaibensansalmi.com
Lashai is the founder of Lashai Ben Salmi – My Journey “Giving Youth Several Reasons to (((SMILE)))”, Child Advocate, International Radio Show Host/Presenter. Andy Harrington PSA Award Winner May & Sep 2016, Co-founder of Put The RED CARD up to bullying Public Speaker and Author (co-author of Kidz That Dream Big). As a result of having to leave school due to being bullied Lashai choose to convert her adversities into empowerment. Lashai has won 6 awards (Young Citizens Award, BYA, Live Unltd, Try It UnLtd and a PRECIOUS Girl award) she’s also a BYA Ambassador. Lashai is also a Andy Harrington Professional Speakers Academy Member and passionate social entrepreneur, youth coach and a budding artist and fashion designer. Lashai has been attending a variety of business, investment and personal development events such as Andy Harrihgton Power to Achieve, Women In Property & In Business, How To Build A Brand, T Harv Eker MMI and TEDx Salford. Tray-Sean was fortunate to attend the TEDx Salford speakers dinner with the 12 speakers one of them being a NASA astronaut.

The inspiration behind Kidz That Dream Big! was to end, once and for all, what she saw as “ the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Lashai feels that financial, emotional intelligence and personal development was to important to be missed. Together with the Kidz That Dream Big book, coaching and workshops children and youth can seed their time and financial freedom future today.

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