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LaKendra Smalley 


LaKendra Smalley: Master Coach LaKendra is America’s Sistah-girl!

She is a recognized authority on the psychology of LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE (MAGNIFIED YOLO)! Your best life is not defined by social norms, self-fulfilling prophecies, or even your experiences. Most experiences are not WHO WE REALLY ARE! Nor, does it mean making your life to look bigger or greater. When LaKendra says, MAGNIFY in YOLO,she means to make YOUR LIFE more prominent. Prominent – IMPORTANT. It is a shift in consciousness which shapes a new perspective in how we treat ourselves.

Master Coach LaKendra is an Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor, Philanthropist, Visionary, and a Global Educator. LaKendra is the go-to expert teaching others how to strategize the life they want to LEAD through the 7 dimensions of wellness. She has been recognized by her community as the Top Executive Female – Addison Magazine, Pioneer – Nationally recognized SOS Award, 10 Shades of Success – Elite Awards for Growth, and HomeTown Hero – Radio One/NAACP.

She will help you regain your mental freedom back, and get life back moving in the direction is which you COMMAND it to move. Do you know what the gap is in-between LIVING & DYING? REFLECTION! Master Coach LaKendra – YOUR Sistah-girl, will help you to LOSE THE GAP BETWEEN WHERE YOU ARE TODAY – AND WHERE YOU WANT TO LEAD.

Master Coach LaKendra’s formula of success is simple which is why she has been an influential leader for the past 15 years – higher power belief, love & compassion for self & others, partnering & positioning, and complete wellness balance.

Are you ready to meet Your Sistah-Girl?

“It’s not how you finish, but when you finish. It’s the character you develop while in the race. It’s when you will see just how brave, strong, and resilient you really are. It is not solely about the FINISH. It’s also about YOUR START and every second of every decision you will be faced with that will mold you into a champion during the race. So, when you do finish, the place doesn’t matter because you would have defeated every obstacle that stood in your way. This is what MAGNIFY IN YOLO IS ABOUT” – Master Coach LaKendra


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