1156:Kyle Hayungs, serial entrepreneur aligns purpose with business


Kyle Hayungs is a serial entrepreneur, currently running 5 businesses.  Though from a loving family, Kyle had a troubled youth, leading to 17 arrests in high school.  By the time he was in college, Kyle had already spent two years in federal prison.

After his release Kyle Hayungs turned his life around.  Not able to find a job, Kyle started Onsite ATM Solutions, which now generates $50,000 per month in passive income.  When starting out, Kyle couldn’t afford business cards and thus started his own printing company MRG Print, still in operation to this day.

For Kyle, it’s important that everything he now ties himself to is deeply inline with his purpose.  Due to his prison stint, it made him value so much more the ability to take actions that count.  Kyle also runs a non-profit in addition to being a co-found in the Athletic Gaines gym franchise.  Kyle’s story shows even in the face of adversity, anything is possible.


Founding Partner

Company NameMerchants’ Resource Group

Dates EmployedJan 2014 – Present

Employment Duration3 yrs 7 mos

LocationAustin, Texas Area

Merchant’s Resource Group is a development and technology company that focuses on assisting small to medium sized businesses streamline day to day operations, improve exposure, increase sales, and control indirect costs through a suite of products and services.

MRG focuses on improving 3 main cores of the business…

* Day to Day Operations
* Marketing and Business Development
* Electronic Payment Processing

Our goal is to assist you in improving your overall bottom line.

Founding Partner

Company NameOnsite ATM Solutions

Dates EmployedNov 2011 – Present

Employment Duration5 yrs 9 mos

OnSite ATM Solutions is a cash and ATM services company that offers permanent and temporary ATM services throughout Texas.

Super conversation with Kyle

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