1092:Kirsty Salisbury is a Health, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach on a mission to make a difference


Kirsty Salisbury

Kirsty Salisbury is a Health, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach on a mission to make a difference. Her goal is to motivate, inspire and to help others create their happiest healthiest life. Her passion comes from a sudden and traumatic illness at age 12 which left her grasping for life, physically immobile and completely reliant on others for even the simplest of tasks.

It was during this time, and the many months of rehab that followed that she developed her appreciation for the health that she did have, and set her resolution that positivity would be her focus in life. Life is for living, and she is determined to follow her dreams and create the best version of this life she almost didn’t have.

To date, she has helped hundreds of others to improve their health and wellness, and to take steps towards a more fulfilled life. She also connects with others who have experienced their own hardships over at her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Life Design’ (http://www.letstalklifedesign.com)

Kirsty loves being active , travelling and spending time with her family.

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