Kirk Barbera has produced thousands of videos, shows.../ EP 1993

Kirk Barbera has produced thousands of videos, shows…/ EP 1993

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Kirk Barbera…

is a media producer for the future. Media has changed and new methods, models, avenues and technology make media more accessible than ever before. Kirk Barbera has produced thousands of videos, shows, podcasts, articles, books, novels, plays, movies and more.

Highly Gifted, creative, organized and enthusiastic Digital Producer with experience in supervising and coordinating design, live action, visual effects, 3D and editorial projects, as well as writing outlines, storyboards and scripts; directing the cast and crew, recording audio and video, editing the video and mixing the sound; taking the lead on commercials and theatrical trailers, deciding on posters, billboards, and other marketing material, and negotiating distribution deals with the exhibitors. Able to envision the genesis of a creative idea and manage conceptual projects from beginning to end. Resourceful and hardworking, adept at producing inspiring works with little resources and small budgets.

I am also a self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic Teacher with remarkable teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of academic procedures, curriculum development, and academic regulatory. Highly innovative in depicting the subject matter to the students, using traditional methods as well as modern aids.

Highlights of my achievements include;
Produced over 1,000 videos, blogs, podcasts, courses for over 50 clients
Started business with $0 seed money and built to over $60,000 first year revenue
Sustain and increase viewers through the creation of new and innovative online events.

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