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Kimberly Moore 


Kimberly Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Go Together, Inc, is an entrepreneur completely passionate about building one of the most exciting companies in the mobility space. Go Together, an early stage startup, is on a mission to get people where they need to go through their trusted networks and via any transportation option available. First starting with education and political engagement. Two industries ripe for disruption in the transportation space.

Go Together’s first product in the market is in 49 schools across the country and helps children attending the best school for them to succeed in life and removing transportation as the obstacle. GoTogethertoVote is Smart GOTV (Get Out to Vote) solution that removes the inefficiencies of providing riders a ride to the polls by the the drivers who want to do their part in democracy.

Kimberly comes alive with every conversation our customers, interested investors, building our team and every problem we encounter.” Go Together recently was selected into MindShare’s Class of 2018. Mindshare is an exclusive organization for CEO’s of the most promising high tech companies in the Washington, DC, Class of 2018. Go Together will be featured in D.C.’s 2018 SXSW Showcase. CarpooltoSchool was featured in D.C.’s 2017 SXSW Showcase. Go Together was selected as one of the Washington Business Journal 2017 Innovation Award winners for CarpooltoSchool.


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