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Kimberly Adams-

Kimberly Adams is co-founder of Transformational Flow, LLC and the CoCreative Fusion® Method. She helps individuals and groups to access their “flow state.” Living in flow is our natural state and not an altered state. By tapping the cocreative energies now more readily available, she is guiding others to experience the “new normal” of life on earth.

Getting into flow previously required many years of individual spiritual practice, extreme sports or drugs. With the CoCreative Fusion® process, anyone can connect to experience flow in everyday life.

As a personal growth seeker her entire life, starting Transformational Flow with her business partner helped Kim realize a life-long dream of uncovering a pathway to peace and truth in her own life as well as share with others. Her background also includes:

  1. 30+ years as a CPA and in the international tax field.
  2. 12 years building a network marketing business
  3. A successful business coaching practice. On Christian Mickelsen’s team for 2 years
  4. Many healing and energy certifications including:
  5. Tapping into Wealth® Coach
  6. Cellular Expansion and Healing
  7. Awakening the Light Bodies Meditation
  8. Instant Miracle Healing, Ultra High Frequency Healing and the Peace Process

She currently stays in flow by biking, hiking, obsessing over mid-century modern interior design and spoiling her two granddaughters.

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